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APIX2 Multichannel SerDes with 3 Gbit/s for Video, Audio, Data and Ethernet with Daisy Chain Support

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The INAP375R together with an APIX2 transmitter offers the next generation high speed digital serial link for DISPLAY and CAMERA applications. It provides a DC-balanced, AC coupled low latency, point-to-point link over shielded twisted pair (STP) cables. Its scalable physical layer provides bandwidth of up to 3 GBit/s at lowest EMI. The INAP375R supports popular automotive displays with video resolutions such as 1600x600 pixels and refresh rates of up to 100Hz. The device offers a flexible video interface, configurable to handle 1 or 2 independent video streams, with output interfaces such as parallel RGB (1x24 Bit or 2x10 Bit) or openLDI (“LVDS”) e.g. 2x (4 lanes + clock). Software adjustable driver characteristics at the transmitter, combined with the powerful adaptive equalizer and configurable operating modes allow the transmission of 3 GBit/s at distances of up to 12m over a single pair of wires. In addition to the video transmission the INAP375R provides completely independent Full Duplex Communication channels. Using the internal AShell protocol, data transfers are protected by error detection and retransmission mechanisms. Offering a Media Independent Interface (MII), the INAP375R can be directly connected to an ethernet Media Access Controller, offering full network capabilities through the APIX link.
Additionally, the link is optimized to carry low latency GPIO signals for reset or synchronization purposes. The inbuilt audio path allows synchronous transmission of up to 4 stereo audio channels, with highly precise clock regeneration at the receiver for high-end rear-seat entertainment applications.


  • Backwards compatibility with APIX1
  • 500 MBit/s, 1 GBit/s and 3 GBit/s sustained downstream link bandwidth for video data rates up to 2591 MBit/s
  • up to 187.5 MBit/s upstream link bandwidth
  • Supports 2 independent video streams
  • Configurable video interface
    – Parallel RGB (10,12,18 or 24 Bit)
    – OpenLDI compliant LVDS interface[1] with Single Pixel Format (18 or 24 Bit)
    – Parallel Bulk Data Mode (10,12,18,24 Bit)
  • Video resolutions up to HD resolutions
  • Configurable full duplex communication channel for up to 2 receivers (daisy chain)
  • Daisy chain output to a 2nd receiver
  • Media Independent Interface
  • SPI data interfaces
  • I²C Master interface
  • GPIOs for direct signalling and camera synchronization support
  • Embedded AShell
  • I²S Audio interface
    - supports 16/24/32 Bit word length
    - supports up to 192kHz sampling
    - TDM support for up to 8 channels
  • Diagnostic Features:
    - Built-In PRBS Checker
    - Embedded diagnostics
  • Up to 12m distance at 3 GBit/s


  • Central Information Displays
  • Round View Camera Systems
  • Head up Displays
  • Cluster Displays
  • Rear-Seat Entertainment Systems
  • Stereo Camera Systems
  • Rear View Camera Systems
  • Sensor Fusion Systems
  • Automotive Driver Assistance

INAP375R(AQ) Block Diagram

INAP375R Application

Soft- and Hardware Tools

ToolDescriptionOrder ID:
INAP375R Receiver BoardINAP375R APIX2 Receiver main board, Power Supply, 2m USB cable, Documentation, LVDS Display interfaceAPIX2_ADK_RX
INAP375R Receiver Board

INAP375R APIX2 Receiver main board, Power Supply, 2m USB cable, Documentation, HDMI Interface

INAP375R Extender BoardAPIX2 Receiver Extender Board, 5x FFC cableAPIX2_ADK_RX_EXT
INAP375T/R Ethernet BoardAPIX2 Ethernet Extender Board for Transmitter and Receiver Main board, 5x FFC cable, 2m Ethernet cableAPIX2_ADK_ETH
APICOSoftware Tool to configure APIX2 devices, configuration wizard, dependency check, plausibility check, status registers, page
IBIS ModelIBIS Model of INAP375Rdownload

Application Notes

Application NotesDescriptionDownload
AN202POA: Power over APIXLogin or register
AN203APIX2 Transfer Channel RequirementsLogin or register
AN204APIX2 Physical Layer ComplianceLogin or register
AN206INAP3xxT/R Diagnostic FeaturesLogin or register
AN207APIX2 - Transmitter Line Driver SetupLogin or register
AN208APIX2 Daisy Chain SetupLogin or register

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LQFP 14x14 mm

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AQFN 9x9 mm

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